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Stress/anxiety helps rebuild passion?

Long story short I have recently been advised to do “calming activities”, due to the fact the last panic attack I had (last night) ended in a visit to the ER. So when I awoke from my slumber this morning I decided to re-do my tumblr. Some what stressful but ultimately a great calming tool.

In the past week I quit my job and my mind has been lingering somewhat. I experienced the thought I’m sure everyone experienced, “What am I doing with my life?”. As much as I want to relate losing my job to the stress, I just can’t. In fact I think it was one of my better decisions in life. So where did all the stress come from? I have no idea, it’s probably because I’m an unhealthy highly anxious person. But all this stress was truly a blessing in disguise. I’m changing my diet, exercising, and focusing on my passions. At this point it doesn’t seem like a temporary mindset but only time will tell. So thanks anxiety, you really helped me out.


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